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Beginning Tattoo Artist Resources

Aspiring professionals, apprentices, amateur artists--we all started somewhere. This section has the resources you need to make sure you are ready to move up the ranks safely and artistically. This website should not be considered a substitute for an apprenticeship. Instead, think of this area as a an introduction to the material you'll cover during an apprenticeship and the safety standards you need to know before you set foot in a shop.

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How to Get A Tattoo Apprenticeship

Getting Started

Finding An Apprenticeship

Finding an apprenticeship can be tough, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Find tips and tricks here to help you land a spot at the right shop and get started on your career.

Keeping A Tattoo Shop Clean

Keep It Clean

Infection Control In The Shop

When you work on tattoos, you are working with open wounds and clients that trust you not to make them ill. Pathogen control is the most important thing you'll need to know.

Making It Work

All About Tattoo Machines

You need them to work, but these machines aren't the "Plug and Play" variety; you'll need an overview of how they work and how they're assembled before you get started.