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By Derek Avery 1 year ago 61217 Views

Does Tattoo Numbing Cream Work?

How To Build A Wet Tattoo Gun

All it takes is a quick Google search to find people looking for pain-free tattoos. While it's hard to understand for most artists, there are people out there that don't think the discomfort of being tattooed is a good thing. It would be great if you could just buy any product, throw a sign up in the shop window that said, "Pain Free Tattoos Here!" and go, but what makes a good numbing cream and do they work at all?

By Derek Avery 1 year ago 9667 Views

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Green Soap

Improve Your Tattoo Shop

Green soap is one of the most important things you use as a tattoo artist - but not everyone knows what it is exactly. Or they have some of those life-changing questions like, "Why do we use green soap?" or, "And why isn't it green..?" We've gone ahead and put together some of the most commonly asked questions about it here, so you can finally sleep through the night...or maybe just improve your Jeopardy skills. Either/or.

By Derek Avery 1 year ago 1617 Views

4 Ways To Get More Business In Your Tattoo Shop

Improve Your Tattoo Shop

Tattoo artists are just that: artists. And just like every other artist, we don't want to be broke; being a "starving artist" is seriously overrated. So if you're looking to make some more cash and get new clientele walking through the door, here are 4 things you can do to drive business into the studio...

By Derek Avery 1 year ago 1042 Views

3 Ways To Be A Better Tattoo Artist

Want to be the best tattoo artist you can be? Here are three ways you can be better than ever.
By Derek Avery 1 year ago 1345 Views

Tattoo Station Zones: Hot, Warm and Cold

The zone system is a way of preventing contamination during your tattoo. It makes use of all of the space in your workstation to set up a cold zone, a warm zone and a hot zone; using these sections can help you keep your area free of cross-contamination. Which the three zone method doesn't make contamination impossible, it does make it less likely. We've also included a zone map to make it even easier to understand the zone concept.