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By Derek Avery 2 years ago 1961 Views

3 Ways To Be A Better Tattoo Artist

Want to be the best tattoo artist you can be? Here are three ways you can be better than ever.
By Derek Avery 2 years ago 1287 Views

Labor Day Sale SNEAK PEEK!

A sneak peek at our amazing Labor Day weekend tattoo supply sale! Stock up soon, these deals end Monday or while supplies last - whichever comes first!
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By Derek Avery 2 years ago 2060 Views

DC Tattoo Regulations (And What You Can Do)

Tattoo and politics shouldn't mix; learn about DC's proposed regulations and what you can do about them.
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By Derek Avery 2 years ago 1491 Views

State Of The Union Tattoo Infographic

In today's infographic we check out some of the current facts on tattooing in the United States, with a special bonus at the end for our amazing customers here at the site.
By Derek Avery 2 years ago 2500 Views

Tattoo Station Zones: Hot, Warm and Cold

The zone system is a way of preventing contamination during your tattoo. It makes use of all of the space in your workstation to set up a cold zone, a warm zone and a hot zone; using these sections can help you keep your area free of cross-contamination. Which the three zone method doesn't make contamination impossible, it does make it less likely. We've also included a zone map to make it even easier to understand the zone concept.